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All batteries are designed to be kept at full charge for 8 or more years. You have to put back every amp you take out. Never wait till your battery won't supply power, as it will fail prematurely.

Use only voltage controlled chargers like your vehicle alternator. Often called smart / switchgear / float chargers. They shut off and come on automatically and never overcharge and have 3 to 5 stages.

Discharged State Tolerance before damage: Wet 12-24 hr, AGM 1-2 week, Gel 1-2 months

Rules of thumb for charging:

  1. 80% of charge is put back in only 20% of charge time.
  2. Compute charge time by AmpereHour divided by Amp rate of the charger. e.g. 40 A.H. Battery / 2 amp charger = 20 hours to fully recharge, but only 4 hours for 80%.
  3. The last 20% of recharge gives you the longer life.
Operation Voltage
Wet: 13.3 V-14.9 V
AGM: 14.2 V-14.6 V
Gel: 13.5 V-14.1 V
State of Charge
Wet AGM & Gel
100% 12.6 V 12.8 V
75% 12.4 V 12.6 V
50% 12.3 V 12.2 V
25% 12.0 V 12.0 V
0% 11.8 V 11.8 V






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