Serving North Calif/Nev
Since 1963!

Call Doug: (916) 267-5554


Our batteries are the most dependable batteries in North America, perhaps in the world because we take much longer to manufacture our batteries and use highest quality material and superior design. Environmentally the most advanced and cleanest battery factory in the world, our batteries usually test higher and outperform our competitors which are often not made in the USA.

We provide application service at no charge to our clients.

All types batteries for starting, deep cycle and standby. Available in flooded (wet), AGM (gassing) and Gel cell (Silicon gel).

For: Cars, trucks, motorcycle, ATV, tractors, construction, farm, solar, industrial, R.V., marine, jet ski, golf-cart, E.X., U.P.S.

Warranty Policy: Most have full warranty (free) for the first year and prorated thereafter. We prorate any defective battery at your cost divided by months of guarantee, that's always 50+% less than our competitors.

Quality System Certified in: ISO 9001, T/S 16949, 14001

Battery Accessories

All types and colors of wire, battery boxes, battery terminals & adapters (lead, copper, brass), holdowns and bolts, battery cables, booster cables, tools, isolators.

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